About Me

Hi, I'm Mike!

Thanks for visiting The Travelling Ape.

I, like you, am a bewildered, slowly decaying ape, marooned on a small rock which is careering through space.

Faced with this disconcerting truth and the unfathomable complexity of the world, I’ve dedicated much of my life to better understanding the world and the human condition.

The Travelling Ape is my humble attempt to share some of this knowledge with you.

My journey

My mission has seen me travel to over 150 out of 195 of the world’s countries (which last time I checked was officially quite a lot of countries). It’s seen me dedicate much of my career to understanding how the world works.

When I’m not teaching meditation, I write global political and economic research for renowned global research houses, having gained masters and undergraduate degrees in International Relations and Politics from Bristol University. 

My aim

  • I’m open minded, ambitious, and passionate.
  • I hope to inspire people to travel. Whether it's physical travel, going on an inner journey, or taking you on a journey down the page.
  • The truth is, we're all on a journey. My hope is that The Travelling Ape will help you on your outer and inner journeys through life, whether you're travelling the world or commuting to the city.

You can't go wrong by working with Mike


Having known Mike for many years, it’s hard to overstate just how much of a positive impact meditation has had on his view on life. He was always a wonderful man, but now he really does operate at a whole other level. As a friend it’s wonderful to see him now sharing this gift with others. If you’re curious about the impact of what a consistent practice can have on your life, you can’t go wrong by working with Mike.


My quest to understand the human condition has led me to becoming a meditation teacher. A few minutes on meditation apps each day quickly morphed into reading every possible book on meditation I could find and attending silent meditation retreats across the world. 

Meditating has made me more focused and productive. Less stressed and calmer. And ultimately, happier. Having benefited so hugely, I had to share these benefits with others. So I became an accredited teacher with the British School of Meditation (BSoM).

Travel blog

My blog combines my career and academic passions with my direct experiences travelling the world. My hope is that the articles I write go a bit further than your average travel blog.

The Travelling Ape blog covers travel, politics, international relations, philosophy, consciousness, and everything in between. The scope might be large, but then again, the world is too.

Mike's lessons helped me to unwind and relax


As a nurse, I often face lots of stressful situations, as well as long hours at work. Mike’s classes helped me to unwind and to relax. On top of this, he taught me skills that I’ll be able to use for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend him as a meditation teacher!

Work with me

Get in touch to book or get further information on my Corporate Meditation Workshops or One-to-One Meditation Lessons